Paleoista Technique: Prepping Shrooms

Ah!  I knew that would get your attention!

Now that I’ve got it, I can let you know I’m referring to the type you eat and how to prepare them for cooking.

Unlike leafy greens which can be rinsed then spun dry or hearty crucifers like broccoli or cauliflower which won’t be harmed if they stayed in their rinse water a few minutes too long, mushrooms aren’t something that should be left to ‘soak’.

Acting like a sponge, if left in a container of water, the mushrooms will not only remain dirty, they’ll also retain so much water that whatever they’re being cooked in will end in a very diluted final product.

What to do them?  Risk eating bacteria and eat ’em as is?

Oh, no.  Don’t do that.  It’s as simple as giving them the brush off.  Buy a mushroom brush and whisk away any debris or if you feel a bit more particular, you can use a damp towel to clean them off as well.

A good food source of vitamin D, anti oxidants and high in umami, they’re a fantastic part of a healthy Paleo meal.

Don’t be afraid of eating this type of fungus!