Pears, Pears, Pears, Lovely Pears

Even heading towards the end of winter, pears are still in season, and while the type of pear you find at your local markets might vary, if you stick with whatever is seasonally appropriate, you’re bound to be happy with your choice.

High in fiber, low in sugar and simply delicious, pears are perfectly Paleo!

Aside from the most simple way to eat a pear (as is), they’re also lovely sliced thin atop a bed of arugula, with avocado, olive oil and some freshly toasted pecans.  Freeze them in chunks and then throw them into your blender with some raw almond butter, a fresh egg or two and some ginger for a lovely meal to go.  Toss them in coconut oil and place them under your broiler for a winter version of grilled fruit.  Peel and core them and poach in a bath of Sauv Blanc with a vanilla bean.  

Or, try my recipe for a surprising puree to accompany that delicious piece of grass fed filet you’ve been planning to prepare for your next special occasion.   An interesting blend of sweet and spice, I Paleoized a concoction that I first enjoyed at one of Jean Gorges’ many New York City Restaurants.