Pears, Pecan & Pumpkin- Perfectly Paleo

With these three holiday favourites at our disposal to use any way we like, we can concoct numerous tasty treats without going off track.

-Slice pears, toss with lemon to prevent discolouration due to oxidation, sprinkle with nutmeg and top with freshly toasted pecans.

-Bake pumpkin in water, puree, mix in some real vanilla extract, top with sliced, poached pear and serve with a cinnamon stick on the side as garnish.

-Combine the baked pumpkin with poached pears, whiz in the blender with a scoop of natural egg white protein powder and a splash of real almond extract- perfect pre-workout topper-offer!

-Cube pumpkin, toss with oil and roast til soft.  Add in some cubed pear and give it another 10- 15' under the broiler.  Top with more of those nicely roasted pecans and hint of allspice.

-Layer pureed pumpkin with sliced pears and pecans scattered on top, then bake for 20' at 350 to warm. Serve with roast turkey and a heap of fresh leaves, (hmm, let's think, how about some RAW KALE ?

Keep up the creativity- and feel free to post your own combinations for other readers to enjoy!