Persimmon- Another Promising Paleo Possibility

OK- I'll stop with the alliteration, but sometimes I just can't help it.  I get so excited about teaching clients new ways to prep foods, as well as introducing them to foods that are entirely new to them!

Take, for example, the persimmon:


For many consumers, this is a fruit that they see in the store about this time of year and think:

-What is that?


-What do I do with it?

Understandably so, as it's not nearly as commonly eaten as say, an apple!

They're high in fiber, vitamin A and anti oxidants.

Wash them, peel them, then slice and enjoy as part of your salad, chopped up with some leftover grilled chicken, olive oil and perhaps salt- free curry powder, or pureed with some lime juice, and flax oil as an interesting salad dressing.

What a great addition to the appearance of the fruit bowl, too!