Pocket Paleo: Workout

Book three in the new ebook series, Pocket Paleo, Workout is yours for the taking. Pre-order today and start reading tomorrow when they all go live! When it comes to eating paleo, pre- and postworkout foods are some of the most challenging meals. What you eat when you’re training for a triathlon is far different from what you eat if you’re about to do a Crossfit workout, and both vary still from your snacks if you’re just going for a quick jog. Add to that your exercise goals, body weight and what time of day you’re working out, and you’ve got a lot to take into account! From high-intensity training to mid-level exercise to low-key workouts, this indispensable book has the right paleo recipes for your regime, goals and body type. POCKET PALEO: BEFORE AND AFTER WORKOUT RECIPES includes — 50 recipes, like blue Hawaiian sweet potato and Maui onion hash, two-step banana and egg pancakes, chilled coconut breve latte, savory yam and apple Napoleons and more — Fueling for volume training and racing, strength sessions and lighter workouts — Quick and easy recipes Get it on Kindle or iTunes today and click here to check out a sneak peek into this book with my recipe for Blue Hawaiian Sweet Potato and Maui Onion Hash!