Paleo “Challenges”

What a great idea!  

This concept is becoming more and more popular at Cross Fit Gyms as well as unexpected places like at the office or even at home.  For a given period of time, the participants agree to be completely Paleo for a given length of time, often thirty or sixty days.

If you've already read The Paleo Diet, you're familiar with the 85% theory in which one may choose to eat Paleo 85% of the time.  My own preference for myself, as well as recommendations for clients, is to actually "JUST DO IT' at the 100% commitment level, since even a little bit of grains, dairy and legumes are too much, in my opinion!

However, I recognize that for many, the diet (and let's also clarify that it's a LIFESTYLE, NOT a diet, the latter of which implies and end point) sounds extreme, even radical, and so the idea that certain foods can and will be consumed on a once in a while basis may make it a bit less daunting.

In keeping with that theme, then, the idea of a challenge is a great idea.  If only everyone would give it a chance at that level for thirty days, there would be far less people who would want to go back to eating their bread, peanuts and yogurt!

Regardless of whether you belong to a Cross Fit Gym, are an endurance athlete, or not an athlete at all, why not try creating a challenge of your own with friends, family or colleagues and see how great you may feel when it's over?

If all goes well and you stick to it, it's not at all unlikely that your challenge will transform into your permanent lifestyle.  Mine certainly did- six years ago and I'm never going back!

Happy Paleo Living!