Is Sliced “Deli” Turkey Paleo?

Maybe, but probably not.

There are a few brands I’ve come across that are truly, clean.  For example, Heidi’s Hens is one brand I’ve seen at Whole Foods that is a ‘family -run, organic sustainable ranch’ producing sliced turkey with an ingredient label that reads : turkey.  


Unfortunately, they’re the anomaly and more often than not, most ‘deli turkey’ will contain a wide range of mild to severely noxious additives, colors, fillers and products to increase shelf life.

Here’s an idea:  roast your own turkey, slice it, freeze what you won’t use over the course of a couple of days and, in the process, save money!  Packaged deli turkey, in my local market, ranges from about $6 – $ 7 for three 2-ounce servings (please note, this is what the company considers a serving, not what I’d suggest!  Two ounces of protein is rather tiny!), while a bone-in, skin-on turkey breast is roughly $4.99/ pound.  

You do the math!

An easy part of your hour in the kitchen (as described in Paleoista), it’s a no-brainer way to make Paleo more cost effective, and to ensure you’re not getting any fillers in the process!