Holiday Tip # 17: Paleo Christmas Cocktails

Of course, alcohol free is likely the healthiest way to go, but is there a little wiggle room for the occasional cocktail?

Just follow a few rules of thumb and you’ll be able to enjoy a cocktail without following it up with a subsequent ‘the heck with it, I’m eating everything’ attitude which could come to pass if you weren’t prepared.

  • Stick with clear sprits, like gin, tequila or potato based vodkas as a starting point.
  • A splash of natural pomegranate juice or an orange twist make for a festive looking drink; other bar staples like lemon or lime wedges and soda water are safe bets, as opposed to pre-made mixers which tend to be high in corn syrup and/or artificial flavors and colors.
  • Steer clear of cream-based egg nog and holiday beverages of the like as all the dairy and sugar will be an easy way to make for a hangover and a congested head and bloating the next morning.
  • Balance out the alcohol by making sure to eat a meal with plenty of veg, healthy fat and a nice dose of protein in order to avoid over doing it and decrease chances of feeling poorly the next day.

By planning ahead and eating properly throughout the day leading up to the cocktail party, you’ll be able to enjoy the special occasion drink and move right along to keeping on track with Paleo eating.

Do you really want to drink too much at the company party anyway?