Paleoista Holiday Tip # 28 : Give the Gift of Health

It may sound trite, but it’s still true nonetheless.

Amongst all the things that we can give that are either the opposite of being conducive to good health (like a ten pound box of mass produced milk ‘chocolates’ or a ‘goodie basket’ made up of all of Nestle’s best), why not give something healthy?

A trial membership to a local health club, a gift certificate to the local health food shop or a voucher for a good bodywork session are but three examples of generous presents to consider for family, friends or co-workers alike.

Another nice approach which comes in handy even if you’re on a tight budget is to give something even more precious- your time.  

Do you like working with kids?  Volunteer to be a mentor at a local school where you can help show kids how to make healthier food choices.  

Are you an experienced runner?  Why not create a beginner’s running club which would allow those new to the sport to learn from your expertise.  

Perhaps you’re like me and have a soft spot in your heart for dog rescue; many organizations need people to help place dogs in safe homes, which benefits not only the dogs, but those who adopt them, too!  Having the unconditional love of a dog and making the commitment to them to exercise them each day, also helps us bipeds to keep active.

Giving is such a lovely part of this season, and a gift from the heart with such good intention is one that you simply can’t go wrong with!