Milk for Workout Recovery??

No, no, no!

Milk isn't part of the #PaleoDiet, and it DOESN'T do a body good!

This statement from an excerpt in an article ACSM's (the organization through which I'm certified through; one of the few valid certifying bodies!) e-newsletter: 

The introduction to the piece mentions that the PhD who wrote the article 'has received funding for her research from various commodity groups, including the National Diary Council'.

The piece concluded with the statement, "For the calories, as well as the investment, chocolate milk is an exceptional package of essential nutrients that has great return for active individuals".

What about the acidic nature about ingesting dairy products?  What about their propensity to exacerbate auto immune conditions?  How about their negative contribution toward osteopenia and then osteoporosis?  Their contribution to Crohn's Disease, and Acne?

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