Cheese, Wine and Chocolate?

Should you have it all?

I wouldn’t recommend it.  

First off, I’m not a fan of the Paleo-With-Dairy take on Paleo, so I’d nix the idea of cheese straight away.

Wine and (raw, unsweetened) chocolate, however, I do love on occasion, but it’s just that….only once in a while.

Choosing your treat and planning for it not only makes it feel special and therefore more enjoyable, it also addressed the psychology of ‘having a treat’.   

Over the years, many clients  have reported that if they have an unplanned ‘sweet or treat’, they end up feeling as though they were ‘bad’ and then opting to stray back to their old, and not so good, eating habits.

Choose your Paleo treat for that special occasion, plan on it, enjoy it, and you won’t need to ‘get back to Paleo’ because you’ll never have left it in the first place!