Surrounded by Paleo and It’s Rather Cool

It’s not too often that one happens upon a place where they can pop into the back stage area for a cup of free range chicken bone broth and wild salmon, or peruse an expo and sample grass fed bison jerky, stone ground raw chocolate or coconut oil!

Yes, I’m referring to Paleo Fx.  And, yes, it’s fantastic.

Today was the first day of this event of a meeting of the Paleo minds and it was so inspiring to hear the speakers, listen to the guests’ questions, reconnect with some of the prominent people in Paleo I’ve had a chance to meet with before as well as to network, putting names to faces for others I’ve known only online or from their written work.

For me, the most significant take away from today was a reassurance that it’s growing, that Paleo is becoming something people are starting to take heed to and that there’s hope for the masses to begin to adopt this healthy way of eating, moving (living!) into their own regimes; regardless of why someone goes Paleo in the first place, the positive effect on all of our well being and the health of our society as a whole could be ground breaking.

Events such as this that serve to further educate anyone who’s interested in learning are crucial in the progression of this movement, if we want to call it that.

If you’re not here live, stream it, listen, learn…and keep in mind that if you’re the ‘odd one ‘ in your community who ‘eats that funny diet’ or ‘cut out all those ‘heatlhy’ foods (not so much: )’, that it’s looking rather promising that you won’t be the only one for much longer!

Go, Paleo, Go!