I LOVE Mexican Food! My clients are always surprised to hear me say that; they ask, "How can you eat anything at a Mexican Restaurant?  Hasn't everything got rice, beans, cheese, cream and tortillas?"

Well, yes, many choices do, BUT not everything; fajitas, in particular, are one of my absolute favorites.

Even if you're having dinner with someone who does not follow a Paleo Diet, this is still quite a tasty and healthy choice.

Variable, as well, since you can make them with chicken, OR steak, OR prawns OR, quite frankly, any meat you choose!

Here's a simple prep for the chicken option:

-Pat dry skinless, boneless chicken breasts, then lightly pepper them.

-Cook in olive oil in a cast iron skillet, roughly 8 minutes on each side, then remove from skillet, and place on plate, then tent with foil.

-Into the same pan, add thick slices of multi-colored bell peppers and yellow & red onion and a dash of chili powder, saute for 8 – 10 minutes.   

-Check that the temp of the chicken has reached 160F, then slice into strips.

-Add the chicken back into the skillet and toss with fresh cilantro and lime juice.

-Serve on a bed of kale, or spinach, (or ANY leaf!) with a salad on the side; garnish with avocado, and perhaps a charred green onion…

Perfectamente Paleo!