Today’s Healthy Holiday Tip

Only three days left until Christmas!  If you're not hosting the holiday dinner, now is the time to check in with your host and investigate what the meal is going to be, and based upon that, what you can bring to contribute.  

While I'm NOT suggesting that you bring your own meal, if you find that most of what's going to be offered is heavy, fatty, full of saturated fat and sugar and so on, at least you can plan ahead and be prepared.

Start the day out with a walk, run, bike ride or whatever suits your fancy.  Stay on top of keeping hydrated and well nourished.  Eat plenty of fresh veg and lean proteins during the day so that your metabolism stays steady and you avoid any blood sugar lows.  

Don't arrive hungry at the dinner- this would set you up for being more likely to start picking away at unhealthy appetizers, cookies, candies and so on.

Choose your dinner wisely- focus on white meat turkey, choose roasted potatoes rather than whipped (with cream and butter!), steamed veg (rather than creamed), skip the bread-rolls.. you get the idea.  

Decide in advance if there is one thing you'd like to splurge on, perhaps a glass of wine or a bite of a treat, and plan for it.  A bite or two is all you need; you'll keep your calories in check and not feel deprived.

Invite friends & fam to take a quick stroll around the neighborhood to view all the lovely lights and Christmas decor (and to MOVE!)

Once back at home, finish off the meal with a short decaf espresso, rather than an egg nog and giant serving of pie.

You'll go to sleep Christmas Night feeling festive, relaxed, and NOT as stuffed as a Thanksgiving Turkey!  (Or a Christmas Turkey, either, for that matter!)