Trending Toward Healthy Eating in the Deep Fried Delta

What a great article in Tuesday's NY TIMES!

The Rev. Michale O. Minor, in Mississippi, has been preaching about the war against obesity and bad health from his pulpit!  

While I'm not a religious person, per say, I fully support any way that the message of the dire need to change the diet of America can get to the people!

He's even gone so far as to post a sign in the church's kitchen which reads 'No Fry Zone' and has had a track built around the church to provide a safe place for organized walks.

Granted, some of the references to food choices are not Paleo food choices (sugar free apple pie and the reference to toying with an idea to be vegetarian), the bigger message about getting people to nix fried food is one very healthy first step.

Regardless of whether someone agrees with Paleo, they cannot possibly argue that deep frying foods is a good thing!

If ANY of you readers are in a position to get the message out about healthy PALEO eating, PLEASE do so, even if it's via a platform that might initially seem unlikely!