“Primal Strips”: A Good Paleo Option? Not So Much!

Yesterday, while checking out at Whole Foods, something on the side of the register caught my eye.  It was a packaged food called "Primal Strips".


I guessed it must be some kind of jerky (which, by itself, if homemade CAN be Paleo, BUT almost always the commercially sold versions contain soy sauce and very high levels of sodium), and I reached over to have a look.

Guess what?  They didn't have ANY meat.  They were vegan.  Think PURE soy & seitan.  Ick.

Not exactly sure how a product like this can be marketed with the term "Primal"…

Once again, if you're in a pinch and buying a packaged item, READ THE LABEL!  Then, nine times out of ten, put the pretend food back and head over to the produce section to grab an apple and some raw walnuts to tide you over until your next real meal.