Yes, leftovers for lunch are something I'm a big fan of.  However, I recognize that there is a large contingency of people who are… not, so much.

So- don't throw away what remains after dinner- re-invent it!

For example:

-Leftover roast whole chicken:  Dice the meat, place in a bowl and add sliced grapes, salt-free curry seasoning, olive oil, slivered almonds and you've got a lovely chicken curry salad to serve on a bed of steamed kale.

-Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey:  make it into the ubiquitous turkey soup.  Saute chopped onion, celery & carrot in a huge stock pot, in olive oil.  Add water and the carcass simmer til the meat slides off the bones.  It will be even more delish the next day.  After you're done with the meat, puree the stock and veg and have a creamy (as in texture, not dairy) soup the day after that!

-Leftover pork tenderloin:  Shred with a fork, heat in a cast iron skillet with oil and fresh tomatoes, add a dash of cayenne for heat and then scramble in some eggs.   What a great, flavorful choice to go with, in lieu of bacon & eggs!

You get the idea- be creative.  Mix, match and re-create your way to a tasty dish so different from what you made last night, your family, spouse or roommates will think you've slaved for hours over this gourmet-tasting dinner!