Read the Ingredients!

We all know that we should read the ingredients on anything packaged we are thinking about putting into our bodies, however infrequently that may be, as The Paleo Diet is all about fresh, natural FOOD.

Here's a quick reminder that we need to always do the same with even what appears to be fresh food:

I was at the local grocery the other day and had a peek in the deli counter.  I saw what appeared to be a fresh broccoli salad, with red onion, shredded carrot… and was just about to ask for a sample when I stopped in horror after seeing that splenda was listed as an ingredient in that prepared salad!  


While I recognize that there are times one would add sugar (and I'm referring here to literally 1/2 tsp per a large bunch of broccoli) to olive oil and fresh pepper to broccoli , for example, before roasting to aid in the browning process, I hate to think that the general public has received so much poor, improper information from the media that we're now at the level of adding artificial sugar to our veggies!

Keep it natural and please don't put splenda on your veg (or on anything!).