Great Uses For White Bread (Nothing to do with eating it, of course…)

1) On a recent trip to Mexico, my husband and I stayed at the lovely Riveira Mayakoba.  Their brunch offerings, which included MANY Paleo choices included some hot dishes, like scrambled eggs… which were in a heated serving dish, ON TOP OF SLICED WHITE BREAD BEING USED to soak up all the oil- NOT TO EAT! : ) LOVED IT- there it is- white bread is a napkin!

2) You can use slices of white bread to determine which parts of your oven may be hotter than others.  Simply fill a baking tray with one layer of white bread full, and set under the broiler.  You'll see which pieces brown more quickly than others (this tends to happen sometimes in older ovens) and use it for future reference in cooking.

3) Throw a few slices on a spill- save a paper towel!

OK, maybe that last one was a stretch, but you get the idea.  It's not for eating, but sure comes in handy the way for odd household jobs!