Road Trip

A friend I had in college loved taking road trips. Not so much for where they’d take him, but for what they represented in his mind as an opportunity to eat all the ‘food’ he’d deemed ‘naughty’ and therefore suitable for the occasional trek from LA to Palm Springs or something of the like. A morning stop at McDonalds for breakfast, another stop at Starbucks for a Frappuccino and then a final stop at Dairy Queen, if I recall correctly, were the norm. Typical? Yes, of course, but necessary?  Absolutely not. While it may seem there are no viable options for healthy eating on the road, with just a little planning ahead and/or research in terms of what’s available, it’s actually really simple. One perfect example is stoping at a road side produce stand if you’re on a summer time trip with the family. Just yesterday, while driving through the beautiful countryside of New Hampshire the day before today’s race, we picked up some lovely local arugula, basil, olive oil and turkey which made for an expensive and completely Paleo meal. Bringing food along with you is also a clear winner as you’re in total control of what you’re eating and can be sure there are n funny additives. In either case, there’s simply no reason to feel that stopping for fast food and synthetic ice cream is a must do simply because you’re on the road.