Roasted Garlic- and LOTS of it!

If you're a garlic fan- and even if you're not- here's a great, extremely simple way to prep garlic and have it on hand to use in anything!

While many traditional recipes for roasting garlic indicate doing so in milk or butter- it's not necessary to use any dairy, or anything at all!

Forever doing experiments in the kitchen, the other day while I was braising beef at a low temp in the oven, I wrapped an entire head of garlic, un-peeled, in foil, and stuck it in the oven for about 45 minutes.

The result?   A softened head of garlic, ready to be squeezed out of its paper, one clove at a time, and eaten as is, or along with whatever you're preparing that evening.

Following are some other ideas worth considering.                                          

Squeeze out all the garlic, from its paper and:

-Store in the fridge to use in other recipes for the next couple of days.

-Whiz in the food processor with olive oil and sun dried tomato & basil for a lovely, summery dip for grilled chicken and veg

-Combine with fresh avocado, tomato, cilantro and lime for guacamole with a kick

-For the athletes out there, puree with some yam the night before a long training day

-Mix with lemon juice, fresh herbs and create a light marinade for your fresh fish dinner.

At the same time, you'll not only boost the flavors of your dishes, you'll boost your immunity with all the pleasant health benefits fresh garlic has to offer!-