What can I eat if I go to Chipotle?

A reader made a comment today that while she is keen to follow The Paleo Diet, as it has supported her reach her lean race weight as a competitive cyclist, her boyfriend, also a cyclist, wanted to eat at Chipotle after a race.

Not to worry!  One can absolutely keep Paleo there!  

Opt for the lean chicken bowl, skip the rice, beans, cheese & sour cream, and add extra peppers & onions, lettuce and a scoop of guac on top – delish AND Paleo!

Furthermore, the company is a great one to support, as, per their website, their motto is:

"The hallmarks of Food With Integrity include things like unprocessed, seasonal, family-farmed, sustainable, nutritious, naturally raised, added hormone free, organic, and artisanal."

Next time you're pressed for time and there's a Chipotle nearby- there's one great option to get a healthy, Paleo meal while supporting a good cause.