Salmon: Raw vs. Cooked- Is One Better Than The Other?

"Dear Nell,

I notice you mention raw salmon a lot in your posts, as one of your preferred proteins. Just wondering if this is a personal preference, or if baking or grilling salmon does something unfavorable?"

I personally eat wild salmon sashimi quite often as I really enjoy the taste and simple nature of it.  

Unlike vegetables and fruit, which suffer a loss of enzymes and some vitamins after being cooked, fish does not become less healthy after it's cooked.  This great source of Omega 3 fatty acids is still a great source, even post cooking.

To be fair, in fact, cooking does kill some parasites and bacteria that might be present and could potentially make one ill if consuming raw fish, so if you're like me and enjoy sashimi, make certain you're eating sashimi grade fish, and that it comes from a reputable source.  

As with everything, I'd recommend a balance- have fish raw sometimes, and other times, cook it!