Santa Monica Merchant- A Great Source for 100% Grass Fed Beef

Yesterday as I walked into the Market in the Santa Monica Place mall to teach one of my Paleoista cooking classes at Gourmandise, I came across a pleasant surprise that resulted in a twenty minute delay in my arrival to help prep.  (Not to worry; the staff there are amazing and never fail to have every last bit of mise en place complete just at the perfect time for me!)

Anyway…what caught my eye was a sign on a cooler which read ‘100 % grass fed beef’. 

Clearly, I had to stop.

I had a quick chat to the gentleman who worked there and left with a large paper sack of filet, rib eye and some lovely bones which will serve to make some amazing broth as well as allow me the treat of another thing I simply adore- marrow, eaten simply with a spoon.

If you’re in the area, it’s a must-check-out; in addition, you can visit their site to learn more:

Another added bonus- they’ll deliver!

A huge leap in the right direction; we need many more vendors like this!