Satisfying a Sweet Tooth?


What treats can I eat to satisfy my sweet tooth?

Let's see- how about fruit?

Since when do we as humans have to eat non-food items after a meal in order to signal that we're 'done eating'?  Why should we really 'save room for dessert'?

Yes, it may take a little getting used to, but cutting out sugary, floury, baked items high in gluten, and anti nutrients (*even the non-gluten foods fall into the anti nutrient category, if they contain ANY grains or legumes, as per the #Paleo Diet!) will not only help you lose a few pounds of excess body fat, if that's your goal, it will also keep you from ingesting all sorts of undesirable, processed, former foods that are no longer foods!

Seriously, biting into a local fresh peach in the summer, or a crisp autumn apple…. gosh, there's nothing like it- and it needs zero prep, other that washing it off!

How ya like them apples! 

: )