No Fiber The Day Before The Race??? Not Really A Good Idea At All!

Dear Nell,

I wanted to ask you a question on your previous entry about the day before a race fueling.  I've been told to avoid raw fruit or veggies the day before a race because of something to do with fiber and maybe having GI issues? I see that you have some berries with your meal…what are your thoughts on the whole fiber thing? When I skip my fruits and veg even for a couple of days before a race I feel gross (well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I really MISS them!) — like I am missing something you know?

Thanks, Danielle

GREAT question, Danielle!  You're right, not only did you see berries in my food the day before the race, I also had spinach, kale, broccoli and salad that day.  

I, too, have heard the myth about endurance athletes needing to avoid fiber the day before and even two days prior to the race…which is ridiculous. 

Of course, no one wants to be sidelined with emergency trips to the porta potty during a race, which is exactly why it makes no sense to stop the natural, regular digestion and elimination that we have as one of the many postive side effects of following the Paleo diet.  

If you were to cut down or omit your fiber for one or two days before a race, and consequently, not need to evacuate the bowels for one or even two days (yikes, how uncomfortable, not to mention unhealthy), and then have all the waste you would have eliminated stored up in your body, doesn't that sound like a more risky scenario with which to enter a race?

I'd rather go to the bathroom as I normally do in the morning BEFORE the race and not worry about it!

Of course, I wouldn't have a giant bowl of sauteed kale an hour before you run a half marathon!  Keep your normal Paleo meals leading up to the endurance event, add some yam to help starch up your body's glycogen stores and keep the digestion regular!

Thanks for this question, as it's one I've been asked many a time and I'm sure many readers are curious, too!