Simple Plays an Important Role in Paleo Living

The other day I wrote about the importance of not feeling stuck in a rut with your Paleo food choices.  If all you ever eat is pastured chicken, steamed broccoli and olive oil, while you’d be far ahead of the curve of what many Americans eat, you’d still be selling yourself a bit short by not having a better variety of proteins, produce and fats.

However, I am a big believer in the importance of simplicity….sometimes.

In particular, when you’re new to Paleo, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed while you’re adapting new habits like regular grocery shopping, cooking and taking food to-go.  In this instance, simple can often serve to be just what the (functional medicine!) doctor ordered.

Just as I describe in my latest book, Paleoista, spending an hour in the kitchen, two times per week, during which you prepare some proteins, veggies and fruit in a very basic manner can be all you need to stock your kitchen with several combinations of balanced meals.

A pot simmers on the stove while you steam a few batches of veggies and soft boil some eggs; the oven is on at 450 and you roast a couple of proteins.  You wash your large fruits, wash and spin dry your lettuces, portion out any raw nuts you might be eating and after the cooked items cool, simply place in glass containers and stick them in the fridge.

While soft boiled eggs, baked chicken and roast salmon along with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and spinach might sound plain, if you consider them a starting point from which to create meals to go (simply by sticking them in BPA-free containers in a thermal tote with an ice pack) or meals to eat at home, your options increase significantly and you’re far more likely to end up with a meal balanced according to the Paleo macro nutrient ratio.

Add that to a kitchen clean out, and you’ve got no excuses… no matter how busy you may be.  

What we eat needs to be a priority, bottom line. 

Not sure how it ever got to the place we’re in now when people often ‘forget to eat’ or choose wrapped items with ingredients that cannot be identified as food, but now is the time to make good changes and make our health the priority it should be!