So, You Used to Be Paleo?

Funny, every once in a while when I run into someone who finds out what I do and then tells me that they used to be Paleo.  It typically happens after I’ve given a lecture, or sometimes at the grocery store or even at a restaurant.

They’ll go on to recount how great they felt/how much weight they lost/how their skin cleared up/how much energy they had and so on and so forth.

Then comes the unavoidable question that I simply have to ask:

“Why did you stop following the Paleo Diet, then?”

Sometimes, the response is that they got too busy or that they found it too hard or, for some, they actually say aloud that they don’t know why they stopped.

I’d like to understand this.  I’m asking you, my readers for some clarity on this, no judgement or strings attached.

If you used to be Paleo and no longer are, send me an email and tell me why!

Your contribution will serve as invaluable information for me on my quest to figure out a way to change how America eats!

I hope, after reading this, that if you’re toying with a return to the healthy Paleo lifestyle, remember, it’s never too late; the past is over, tomorrow is a new day, so why not make it a Paleo one, as well as all subsequent days?