Spinach Teeth

Have you ever noticed an odd feeling of your teeth feeling gritty after eating spinach?  Something that seems to only happen after eating this one leafy green in particular, that leaves a sensation almost akin to having dirt on your teeth?

I certainly have.

And while it’s easily remedied by a quick brushing of the teeth, I was still curious to find out why it occurs in the first place.

Science World British Columbia had a succinct article on the topic and the long story short is that the oxalic acid, also known as ethanedioic acid, which spinach has lots of, is the culprit. (Other fruits and vegetables have to a lesser degree.)

One dentist stated he felt that the residual feeling was from the oxalic acid combining with the  calcium in your saliva, to form crystals of calcium oxalate. 

Apparently, the grit is harmless and can be removed easily by brushing your teeth.

Take away message- perhaps you’d want to reserve the eating of spinach for when you’re at home and can easily clean your teeth afterward…or be sure to bring along a toothbrush!