Steak Technique- Freeze It!

Must share this tip I only just learned of:

The next time you fancy an aged steak, but prefer not to pay the sometimes steep price, cook your meat after it's had a 30 minute freeze period… in the freezer!  I prepared a NY Strip for myself and my husband last night for dinner and it was to die for!

Pat the steak dry, place on a wire rack in the freezer for 30 minutes and light your grill while you wait.  In the meantime, prep your salad, your veggies and maybe some homemade guac!

Throw the steaks on the flames and cook according to your own degree of doneness (I prefer rare, personally…).  Let rest off the grill with foil for about 10, then serve with your favorite veggie sides… save the rest for lunch- NY Strips tend to be a bit on the beefy side!!