Super Food, Or Just Food?

Imagine if everything we ate really was food.

Recall the definition of it, from Webster’s Dictionary:

any nourishing substance that is eaten, drunk, or otherwise taken into the body to sustain life,provide energy, promote growth, etc.”

Now, take a quick pause and ask yourself how much of what you put in your mouth fits that description.  Alternatively, what percentage of what you voluntarily ingest does not?

Cakes, cookies, candies, breads, soda, pasta, cereal, bagels, 100-calorie-diet-snack-packs and microwave popcorn all, unfortunately, would fall into the latter category.

Of course, there is more to eating than just fueling the body as all senses are engaged; if this wasn’t the case, I doubt anyone would have an issue with being overweight as no one would ever eat for a reason other than the obvious- being hungry!

However, that’s the beauty of Paleo living.  The food (and I stress- this is where food really does mean food) is so abundant, varied and plentiful, that one isn’t left yearning for anything, when True Paleo is implemented.

Thus, the question… why do we need to call certain foods ‘super’?  No different from why we have to call certain foods ‘organic’, rather than just living in a society where everything just is, or the ‘health food’ section in the grocery store- what does that say about everything else in the place?

I fear to think what’s next- are we going to start to call clean, filtered, alkaline water by a new term?  Or perhaps we’ll start referring to seasonal, local produce as ‘magical produce’?

It’s just so backwards.

Food should just be food.

Eaten in balance, in the proper time frame and with plenty of variety,  you simply can’t go wrong…nor do you need anything ‘super’.