Thai Chicken- Paleo Style

Do a little investigating on Thai recipes, and you may find a LOT of soy- based ingredients.   That doesn't mean you've got to cut out an entire region's food! 
I doctored a recipe for dinner last night and neither I nor my husband (who tends to be just a little bit particular!: ) missed any hint of flavor.

Combine fresh parsley and basil in a food processor and whiz with some garlic, some fresh ginger, one Thai chili or Jalapeno and a splash of sesame oil (ok in small doses on occasion) until smooth.

Mince raw chicken breasts (more common to see finely chopped meat in Thai cuisine versus strips that you'd see in other Asian far) or process in the food processor.

Heat olive oil over low and add some chopped shallots and part of the mixture from the food processor.  Cook til aromatic- roughly 7 -10 minutes.  Add the chicken and continually stir to cook evenly and quickly.

Add the rest of the mixture, cook one minute longer and serve right away.  Offer red pepper flakes to taste.   SO good!

Thai chicken

Shown with roasted broccoli, red peppers and salad.