Thanksgiving Desserts- Deconstructed

Is the dessert course the appropriate time throw caution to the wind and forget all things paleo?

It needn't be!

Here's a novel idea to let guests configure their own concoctions, all of which are reminiscent of the Thanksgiving Table, and keep their bodies healthy and happy by staying Paleo.

a) Remove all the non-Paleo options & ingredients

b) Deconstruct what remains and have fun!

After dinner, set a small plate at everyone's place setting.

Then, present:

-Warmed, pureed pumpkin, served with a cinnamon stick for garnish and ground cinnamon on top

-Sauteed (in olive oil & rosemary), sliced Golden Delicious apples, mixed with a bit of raisins

-Freshly toasted, chopped pecans

-Homemade cranberry granita (super easy to do, even more so if you have an ice cream maker!)

-(Non alcoholic) Cider spritzers – dilute natural apple cider with sparkling water and serve with a dash of allspice on top

-Natural , HOMEMADE sorbet (so you can ensure- JUST fruit- nothing added)

-Freshly poached (in water or with a splash of white wine) pears with a vanilla bean for garnish

Let the guests mix and match and see just how many people, if any, complain about not having pastries, pies and ice cream!   They'll thank you on Friday when they wake up feeling energized and fresh, and ready to hit the shops for Christmas/Holiday Shopping!