The Farmer’s Market In The Summer: My Idea Of Playtime!


There are a few places I'd describe as my favorite places to go and 'play', including Whole Foods, Williams Sonoma and the local Farmer's Market!  'Play' in the sense that I so enjoy cooking, entertaining and educating about paleolithic eating that it literally feels like a field day to be surrounded by copious amounts of fresh, organic produce (or fun and fancy kitchen toys, @ WS!: ).

Above is a pic of just a few of the things I picked up while shopping yesterday, without having a plan, and decided to just 'play'!

As I've mentioned many times before, the nice thing about cooking is that you literally can go at it with no plan, or a partial plan, or a modification of someone else's plan (a.k.a. a recipe!).

You can't go wrong!

As opposed to baking, during which one must stick to a specific formula or face the consequences, in cooking, the only thing that's hard to fix is 'too much salt'.  However, since adding salt isn't part of The Paleo Diet (with the exception of athletes adding some to their diet during training), you're in the clear!

Even if you're brand new to the kitchen, have no fear.   Go to your farmer's market, and choose a couple of things that look interesting, ask the vendor for some cooking tips, then bring 'em home and get ready to enjoy the summer's bounty.

You'll be supporting local growers, reducing a carbon footprint (as opposed to buying produce flown in from across the globe) and nourishing your body, all at the same time.

Have fun!