Programming Your Body

I find it downright amazing when I really stop and think about what the human body can do in terms of rebuilding itself, recovering from stress or trauma and completely transforming itself….when given the proper stimuli.

Surely, all of us have witnessed this in ourselves, or in a friend, family member or even from afar in someone we do not know personally.   Someone is injured in a car accident and told they’ll  never walk again, yet they find the motivation and determination to prove their doctors wrong and not only walk again, but run.   A woman gives birth to twin babies and within a short time span, finds she’s actually a bit slimmer than  before she was pregnant and full of energy to keep up with the little ones.   An older gentleman decides he’s tired of taking pain meds and using a cane, joins a fitness program and changes his diet and then is able to move pain free.

All incredibly inspiring cases, and scenarios we can all use as examples of h0w to use our minds to choose what we want to be and what kind of like we want to lead as a result.

However, just as our bodies will respond to positive stimuli and adapt accordingly, so, too will it adapt to negative stimuli.   Spend your days sitting around on the coach, being sedentary and filling your body with items that are not food in the truest sense (in other words, completely devoid of nutrition in any way, shape or form), and your body will indeed respond; the extra pounds will pile on, blood pressure will rise along with bad cholesterol, joints will begin to cave under the undue stress, the skin, eyes, nails and hair will become ashen, yellow, and brittle, respectively, the gut and then the entire body will become inflamed and thus continues the cascade of overall systemic breakdown.

You can look at it scientifically or mathematically or simply from a common sense perspective.  If this, then that.   

Want to look like an athlete?  Fine!  The choice is made, now go and do the work and BE and athlete.  Eat like one, train like one, move like one, sleep like one.

Want to look like an obese, sedentary person?  The choice is yours as well.

Your body will respond in either scenario.

Easier said than done?

What is really valuable and worth having that is not hard?  Using a rationale of something being difficult for a reason to not do it simply makes no sense to me.

Once again, here it is in black and white:

Eat (Paleo) Food.  Move.