The ‘Tipping’ Point

No- I’m not talking about what I refer to as the gluten tipping point- the point at which, I believe, our body tells us, in no uncertain terms, “Stop giving me gluten”.

I’m talking about tips.  In a restaurant.

Being that I am quite possibly the pickiest orderer ever (aside from Sally of When Harry Met Sally, of course), I am hyper conscientious of making sure to compensate every server I encounter generously.

I joke with them and thank them in advance for bearing with me and my questions, and in almost every single place I’ve been, the order comes out, perfectly Paleo, and I am able to enjoy my meal without fear of having a reaction later or getting sick.

So I leave them at least 20%.  

Or do I?

An interesting article yesterday from Serious Eats, New York, really served to be an eye opener in terms of where our tips really go. 

Unless you’re in the habit of tipping with a handshake, sliding a $20-or-whatever directly into your server’s hand, here’s the reality: your tip does not go directly to your waiter”, is the opening line in the piece.

Following is a more complex than you’d think explanation of how tips are divvied up; take home message- tip the person you want to tip directly with cash.

Guilty of not tipping in cast before, I am, but going forward, I will take this message to heart and, literally, pay it forward!