This is Nuts! Welcome to Nut Week at Paleoista…Peanuts are Not Nuts.

Many people love nuts.  They’re easy to eat, require no preparation and are a good source of fat and protein, right? Sort of. I admit, I used to consider all nuts, even peanuts, which aren’t even nuts, as a protein source when I was vegan. No wonder I was anemic! Anyway, while nuts and seeds can play a small role in a healthy, balanced Paleo regime,  with the expectation of the Autoimmune Paleo protocol, we’re better off using them as a garnish, rather than a go-to fat source that we rely upon heavily each and every day. We’ll get into more detail about this as the week progresses, but let’s start with the one nut that’s not really a nut and why we’re better off avoiding it. Peanuts. No matter if they’re organic or not, they’re a legume, they’re not Paleo and they’re one of the most common allergenic foods for people of all ages, races and backgrounds. Why? Most simply put, peanuts, and all legumes, contain anti nutrient properties and contribute to leaky gut syndrome. They’re inflammatory also due to their high Omega 6 and low Omega 3 fatty acid content.  In addition, they’re high in oxalates and  are susceptible to molds and fungal invasions, in particular, aflatoxin. Even if you’re buying the ‘natural’ type, as opposed to Skippy or Jif, they’re still lowest on the totem pole in terms of nutrition compared to real nuts like walnuts or Brazils. Most clients report one of the reasons they like peanut butter is because they like the salt…and actually, that’s not Paleo, or healthy, either! Skip the peanuts and opt for healthier fat sources like avocado or cold pressed olive oil instead.  And stay tuned for more info on which nuts are the best, as well as what you can do to make them less inflammatory. Even though almonds are touted as the absolute best, you may be surprised that they’re actually not…but they do make a good transitional nut from peanuts, especially if you’re a recovering peanut butter addict. Today is National Almond Day, after all…just don’t go totally nuts!