This is Nuts!

Ok, sorry for the (very bad) pun, but I just have to say…what is the deal with pecans?

Nuts on occasion are an acceptable part of Paleo and I, for one, love pecans.  They’d have to be my favorite.  After I’ve had my Paleo recovery drink post training and I’m ready for something savory, dry roasted pecans with a bit of sea salt fit the bill perfectly.

However, it seems to be ridiculously difficult to find dry roasted pecans.

As far as nuts go, pecans rank a distant third in their Omega 6 : 3 ratio, after walnuts and macadamias.   Because they, like all  other nuts, leave a lot to be desired in this respect, do remember to eat nuts only in moderation and not as the main source of fat in your diet.  That should be left to fat that naturally occurs in your proteins, as well as coconut, avocado and olive oil.

Dry-roasted and salted nuts of many varieties and combinations, some of which are Paleo, and the majority of which are so-not-Paleo are easy to find in grocery stores, at the farmer’s market and specialty stores.

Yes, one can purchase a container of mixed nuts that claims to contain pecans, but in my experience, there are typically about five pecans to a one pound container and the remainder tends to be almonds, cashews, filberts and brazils, in that order.

Of course, it’s quite simple to make your own; I’m merely going off on a rant about the fact that I like how pecans taste and I’d sure like to see them more readily available!