To Eat Tomatoes Or Not, That Is The Question!

After the Paleo Diet Newsletter of a few weeks ago featured an article by Dr. Cordain about night shade veggie consumption, I have received several questions from readers asking why I coincidentally posted a blog all about eating tomatoes around the same time! (My Paleo-Stye Caprese Salad).

To clear things up, I checked in and here's what he had to say:

"Ripe, red tomatoes should be just fine for all except those with allergies or AI diseases.  For these people I suggest eliminating them for a few weeks and adding them back in.  If symptoms improve, then cut down or eliminate.  If symptoms remain the same then don't worry about them."

So- for those of you who are able to enjoy them, go ahead and take advantage!  Here in Los Angeles, local, organic tomatoes have only just become available and I, for one, will be enjoying them to their full extent!

(Paleo) Caprese Salad, Bruschetta (sans the bread, of course!), tossed with spaghetti squash, sauteed with jumbo shrimp, or just eaten as is, are but a few ways to enjoy this rich-in-lycopene fruit!