Tradition…versus Health

To me, the holidays aren’t about the newest trend, but rather going back to the old favorites that you’ve always loved.”

 That quote struck a real chord with me, and not it a good way.  It was part of an article I received on my google alert for Paleo.

Following was a recipe for a cheese and pastry-laden Thanksgiving side dish.

OK, I get it.  No one’s saying that rather than hosting traditional Thanksgiving dinner, it would be great fun to serve your guests a plate of celery and boiled chicken (yes, that would be Paleo, but a very poor,  unbalanced representation of it!).

Here’s the issue: it’s as though the implication is to go ahead, enjoy those old fashioned treats, it’s a holiday… but it goes so much deeper than that.  Following the Paleo diet is not akin to other diets whereby one restricts calories for a period of time, loses weight in what may be an unhealthy manner and then binges on anything and everything they can get their hands on.

Paleo living is proactively avoiding items (I hesitate to call them foods) that we are genetically not meant to be eating.  If, for example, you’ve discovered you have an intolerance to gluten, have omitted it and are feeling better than you have in years, why would you throw it all out the window just for the sake of being traditional and eating stuffing and pie?

There is simply no good reason why one cannot stay healthy and feeling great by incorporating Paleo friendly dishes on the Thanksgiving table, and opting not to ingest the ones that have grains, dairy and legumes.

Is it really worth it to risk not feeling great for even one day by eating those things that we know make us feel ill?

Not for me!  Pass the Brussells sprouts (and the turkey, and the yam casserole, the salad and the cranberries…just to name a few of the Paleo-ized dishes to be served on our annual Paleo Thanksgiving fete!).