Turkey Practice

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year and having a bit of a panic about preparing the pièce de résistance?

You’re not alone.   From seasoned cooks (pardon the pun) to those who consider themselves kitchen newbies, many people get a case of the jitters when it comes to serving the perfectly roast turkey; not too dry, perfectly moist with a crisp, golden skin with that flavor we look forward to all year long.

There are many ways to execute this, from a two-day brine, to a salt-rub, from deep frying to cooking in the Big Green Egg; some of which are Paleo and some…not so much.

Whichever method you’re planning on using, remember, you have time on your side.

With Thanksgiving still two weeks away, you have time for a little turkey practice… and it needn’t be on a turkey.

A small, pastured chicken can make the perfect trial specimen and you won’t run the risk of serving too much turkey before the big day, or spoiling a big bird in the event your method goes awry.

Once you get your methodology down, all you’ll need to do is calculate cook time based on the higher weight of a turkey compared to a chicken and you’ll be all set!

While you’re at it, you can also fine tune all those veggie sides to make sure your holiday meal is exactly as you’d like it to be.

I’ll be doing a Thanksgiving countdown that week, so be sure to stay tuned to follow along!

Also, if you haven’t done so already, be sure to order your pastured bird now, so you won’t be left with an inhumanely raised, grain-fed bird as your only option.

Now, let the trial begin!