Two Ingredient Paleoista Chicken Soup Recipe

Feeling like you’d love to whip up a batch of homemade chicken soup, but you simply don’t have hours to spend slaving over a hot stove? You so don’t need to. Hand on my heart, you can create an absolutely delish chicken soup with very minimal ingredients and time and other than keeping an eye on the stove in the background, you’re not going to be spending much time in the kitchen at all. Of course, we can certainly prepare chicken soup in a plethora of other ways, including methods that are far more elaborate than this one, but knowing that in a time crunch, you can still serve yourself, and your family, something so good, can be a deal maker when you’re doing your best to stay Paleo. The key is to buy a fresh, pastured chicken (frozen will do as well, but try to stick with a local vendor). Note that the bird will likely be smaller than what you’re used to; pastured hens tend to be 2 – 3 pounds, as they should be, rather than the 4 – 5 pound fryers we see all too often. Add fresh  herbs, spices and veggies to your heart’s content if you like, but if you’re pressed for time, this really will do the trick. Ingredients

  • One 2- 3 pound pastured chicken
  • Water


  1. Fill a large, heavy bottomed pot 1/3 full of water
  2. Place chicken (and guts) inside pot, breast side down
  3. Bring to boil, then reduce heat down to simmer and cover pot
  4. Set timer for increments of 30′ and check to see when the meat begins to fall off the bones when touched gently with a fork (roughly 45′ to an hour)
  5. Turn off heat and let sit 10 – 15′
  6. Meanwhile, throw together a quick salad with your favorite leafy greens of any kind and place in bowls
  7. Serve meat on top of bowls with some broth, and place an extra bowl for bones on the table (don’t be surprised if there is gnawing and eating of marrow going on; rather hard to resist!)

If there’s any leftover, it’ll make for a great meal tomorrow!