Paleo Magazine’s Reader’s Favorites Cookbook

When Paleo Magazine  reached out to me and asked me to contribute a recipe to their newest cookbook, Reader’s Favorites Cookbook, I was happy to be a part.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of what the other authors/bloggers/chefs might be providing for their recipes, nor was I sure if it would be completely Paleo, but I even if it weren’t, all the more reason to add a simple but relish recipe to demonstrate True Paleo.

I must say, though, that I was quite happy with the final product and one of the key factors is that the distinction is made on the cover, where no one can miss it, that the cookbook contains Paleo as well as Primal and Grain-Free Recipes.

Thank you, Paleo Magazine, for doing what I wish so many of  the other companies/blogs and cookbooks that are popping up out of the woodwork and calling themselves Paleo would do- distinguish what is Paleo, what is Primal and what is simply nothing more than a gluten-free treat which might rank slightly lower on the junk scale than a candy bar.

The book begins with an informative intro, followed by some of the magazine’s own recipes, and then a myriad of others, covering all the bases and approaches from Paleo, to kind-of Paleo to Primal and so on.  


Click here for more and be sure to check out p 154 for a certain Paleoista who makes an appearance with one of her signature breakfasts!