TOday’s Healthy Holiday Tip…

With Christmas only one week away, you may be getting more stressed about last minute shopping, party planning and so on.  DON'T let that be a reason to throw your healthy food planning and nutrition out the door.  

In times of stress more than ever, being mindful and planning ahead serves you even better in the long run.  Continue to make your health a top priority and don't forgo the time you normally allot to healthy food prep to something else, like baking cookies!

If it takes literally scheduling yourself as busy on your calendar in order to have time to shop and cook, do so!  

Remember that nutrition is the foundation for everything else, so starting your day off right and keeping your blood sugar on an even keel (and therefore, your metabolism blasting full-speed ahead), is going to lay the groundwork for being super productive as you accomplish all things holiday and then some!