Vegan is Not A Type of Paleo

Come on now.  How far are we going to take this?   While there are similarities between the two, as I pointed out in a recent post, both are plant based, however, the similarities stop there.

There is simply no such thing as a hybrid of the two approaches to eating.

A key component of True Paleo is wild animal proteins, which comprise at least thirty percent of the overall macro nutrient ratio, and are obviously not part of a vegan style of eating.    Vegans do not eat any meat.

On the flip side, a key component of a vegan approach is plant sourced proteins, many of which come from legumes and some grains, which are not part of the Paleo diet.    Anyone following the True Paleo approach does not eat any legumes or grains.

With all the growing hype around not-so-Paleo foods being presented as Paleo, which are often still high in sugar, refined, processed and inflammatory and thus, completely the antithesis of what real Paleo is, it is at least clear to see why many are trying to jump on the band wagon and sell products to people to make the transition less drastic- there is a market for it.   

If one reads The Paleo Diet and feels daunted by the idea of never having pancakes or bread or ice cream again and then learn about the misconception that they can actually eat Paleo versions of all of the above, they’re definitely going to be more inclined to try it.  

That does not make those foods Paleo and I strongly oppose including them as a regular part of a Paleo regime as it completely misses the boat; however, one can see that from the vendor’s standpoint, it would make sense to brand something as Paleo that is not really Paleo would be a potentially lucrative move.  

Look at the gigantic audience that would be catered to!  Think about how many are addicted to sugar and refined foods that would become immediate repeat customers if they thought their new versions of cakes, brownies and pancakes were actually good for them!

That’s their rationale, and I understand the motivation.

What I don’t understand is why anyone who is vegan would want to call themselves Paleo?  Or vice versa?

When I was vegan, there was nothing further than something I’d want to identify with than a meat eater.  So what gives?

I’d be quite curious to hear your feedback if this is something you’re into!