Want A Hearty Soup? Squash That!

If beef barley or chicken noodle used to be your go-to soups as the seasonal weather descends upon us, you may be at a loss with regard to how to be hearty…and Paleo.

While grains and beans are no longer going to cut it, we can find a lovely balance of healthy, hearty and Paleo without compromising on taste.

One such way to do so is to think squash!

From butternut to acorn and spaghetti to zucchini, integrating squash into your repertoire is perhaps the easiest way to go hearty, without  resorting to heavy fillers, rich in anti nutrients and often guaranteed to create at least some sort of discomfort to the body, be in the form of a stomach ache, joint pain or a migraine!

But isn’t squash too starchy?

Not if eaten in moderation and balanced out with the proper ratios of wild proteins and healthy, natural fats.

In other words, I wouldn’t recommend having three cups of squash with honey drizzled on top and calling it a meal.

If, however, you were to serve a puree of steamed butternut squash and homemade bone broth, garlic and fresh coconut milk with a piece of oven-roasted wild fish (whatever is local to you) and a crisp green salad on the side, you’d be in perfect Paleo balance.

It’ll warm you up from the inside and serve as a reminder that anything and everything we need to eat is easily procured all whilst staying True Paleo!