Wheat, Corn & Soy Aren’t Only Bad For You- They’re Bad For Your Pets!

I've mentioned this before, but after receiving today's e-newsletter from our local pet food supply shop, I felt I must bring it up again.

WE don't eat wheat, corn, soy and other grains and legumes because they're NOT good for us and those of us who already follow The Paleo Diet are well versed in the "WHY".   There are far too many negative consequences of consuming these fillers (that's what they are, and nothing more) for us, so why on Earth would we subject our dear dogs and cats to the same junk?

Following is an excerpt from The Healthy Spot's Newsletter (which actually applies to both pets AND humans!):

"Corn, wheat, and soy are three very common ingredients in commercial dog food, but, generally, are not very beneficial for your dog's health.  Unlike high quality, fresh protein corn, wheat, and soy provide little to no nutritional value to your dog.  A diet high in these ingredients likely is not supplying your dog the complete and balanced meal he requires.

Generally, the most economical and healthy dog foods are those that the dog can digest.  The higher the digestibility, the less you will have to feed your dog (and the further a bag of dog food will stretch).   The lower the digestibility, the more you will have to feed to meet the dog's nutritional needs. A dog's digestive tract is designed primarily to digest and extract nourishment from meat and fat products.  Accordingly, a dog cannot digest the corn, wheat, and soy ingredients nearly as well as quality meat products…"

It's actually down to common sense.  Read the labels of your pet's food and see what is in it.  Many people switch their pet to a raw or natural food diet once the pet is old or ill, in an attempt to cure them, which it sometimes does.  But why not approach it from the opposite angle and just keep them healthy from the get-go so they never get ill in the first place? 

And the same goes for us humans!  If we stay healthy from the beginning by not inflicting horrible processed filers on our insides, we'll be a much healthier lot!