A Calorie Is Not A Calorie, and How To Lose Weight

If you’re someone who’s had a lifelong battle with weight loss, you may be interested in trying the latest and greatest new diet that promises to end the miserable struggle, once and for all.

It’s quite well stated that those who are overweight may very well be the best experts on the many different approaches to the popular weight loss diets as they may have tried many, if not all of them.

The diet industry, being the multi billion dollar industry that it is, is set up on the failure of everyone who participates.  And with a failure rate well into the 90% range, they’re doing quite well from a financial standpoint.

One of the top approaches that doesn’t work is the idea that simply counting calories is the ticket to successful, permanent weight loss.

As if one could consume 1,800 calories by drinking coca cola all day long and would have the same result as someone who follows a True Paleo regime which happens to add up to roughly the same number of calories.

Couldn’t possibly be more inaccurate.

Recently, a long term client shared a link to an article that I felt was actually quite useful at outlining 17 tips to aid in permanent, healthy, weight loss.

While not outspokenly Paleo, per se, it’s worth checking out as much of what is suggested is actually spot on.

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