Which Bars Do You Recommend?

If only!

I'd have to say that MOST of the bars on the market are such that I'd consider 'offensive' to say the least.  Regardless of whether you're an athlete or not, the products targeted to both demographics leave a LOT to be desired.

Set aside the fact that we really shouldn't be relying on bars as a normal every day part of our diet. Even the cleanest of bars that only contain fruit and nuts, are still processed/packaged and possibly too  high in sugar for anyone OTHER than an athlete to eat.. just because.

There are only two bars that I've come across that could technically be considered Paleo (BUT again- keep in mind the caveat above and use them as a "Plan B' snack, as in when you're in a pinch and you don't have anything fresh"!)

Larabars– (except their peanut flavors, of course) and ONLY ONE of Clif's line- the 'Fruit Nut and Sea Salt Bar'. 

That's it!  If you know of something else out there that you think might be Paleo- forward me the info and we'll see what we find!

I had a client tell me not long ago, that she 'fell in love with larabars and is now eating three each day'!  No, no, no- NOT the right idea and not the message I'm sending out.

Keep one in your desk, one in the car.. you get the idea, for the unforeseen circumstance when you're not able to get anything fresh, as mentioned above.

Or, reach for an apple, some raw almonds and some sliced turkey, even better!