“Which Of Your Paleo Plans Should I Buy?”

Likely one of the most common inquiries I receive from people who are looking for some help going or staying PALEO, who've had a look at my online store is "What plan should I choose?".

If my custom nutritional counseling service is not in your budget, you can set your mind at ease with the knowledge that you still have the option of purchasing one of my pre-written PALEO plans.

Factors that you should consider when choosing one of my plans are:

  • Are you an endurance athlete?  If so, you may want to consider one of the endurance training plans, which include the 12-week Ironman, 8-week ½ Ironman and the 6-week endurance plan.  The main differences between these and the other plans is that training foods are included, such as high glycemic yams (the starch of choice for Paleo Athletes) and the one non Paleo food I personally eat for training and racing, and recommend to clients- the carbohydrate gel.   All provide a general paleo-eating plan that would suit an endurance athlete.
  • If you are considering one of the calorie based plans and are unsure of the number of calories you need to consume per day, set your mind at ease with the knowledge that all the meals are identical and the macro nutrient ratio for all is within keeping of the paleo macro nutrient ratio of roughly 40/30/30. Because the quality of food on The Paleo Diet is so high, you needn’t be as concerned with weighing and measuring, as you would need to be if you were following many of the other ‘trendy’ diets on the market.  Ultimately, I encourage all clients to tune into what their body is telling them above and beyond the numbers on a piece of paper.  If you purchase the 2,000 plan and find you’re still a bit hungry, add a little more of each item in a meal to keep the ratios correct.  Along the same line, you can use this to cater to accommodate the whole family on one of the calorie-based plans.
  • The Four Week Kick Start is similar to the calorie plans, just for a shorter duration, versus the 6 wks of the latter.
  • Other plans are self explanatory, such as the ACNE plan and the AUTO IMMUNE plan.  These plans differ from the others, as there are certain foods that must be avoided as compared to the traditional Paleo Diet.
  • Paleo In A Pinch is unique in that it includes meals from the top ten fast food restaurants, which were ranked as offering the healthiest options, across the US.  I researched the contents of each meal to write this plan with the intention of providing nutritional support both to traveling clients as well as clients that feel too busy to prep all their food at home.
  • Paleo Kids is handy for those of you who are at a loss with regard to how to keep the kids paleo while at school.

 *Clients often find that they like to purchase a plan, and then schedule an hour consult to review it, ask all their questions or perhaps learn how to manipulate one of the athlete plans to accommodate their training.

Of course, you can always e-mail me with any PALEO questions you may have and I'll be happy to help!